Performance is a complex human activity and a thorough knowledge of the factors that influences and enables us to achieve the ideal performance state. The following are the number of psychological aspects imperative to produce optimal performance: flawless performance, optimal arousal, focus maintenance, competition and perfectionism. Performance psychology offers an insight into performance that goes beyond the mechanics of psychology that facilitate peak productivity through helping people set and achieve meaningful goals, thereby enhance efficiency.

At Roldantz – Performance Studio, we draw on the latest cutting edge research and performance experience, offering a mindfulness based approach that teaches skills in achieving task focused attention through knowing how to deal with thoughts, feelings and distractions.

We provide a unique insight as we blend an understanding of performance from direct performing arts experience with psychological knowledge, current research and psychology experience. We ensure your experience is comfortable, confidential and safe. Our welcoming and private consulting rooms are set in a way so you feel more relaxed like you are visiting a trusted friend than a Clinical Practitioner.

The recognition of applied Psychology from sport to performing artists was first considered around the turn of the 21st century (e.g., Emmons & Thomas, 1998; Green & Gallwey, 1986; Greene, 2001). At Roldantz –Performance Studio, we have handpicked team of Psychologists who provide 1-on-1 Psychology Services and Mental Toughness Training. We're more like coaches than regular psychologists. Few of the areas we cover are as below.


We help athletes enhance performance. Various mental strategies, such as visualization, self-talk and relaxation techniques aim to help athletes overcome obstacles and achieve their fullest potential. We uplift athletes at all levels to deal with the pressure of competition and enhance their copping skills to face the challenges from team members, parents, coaches or even their own set expectations. Sports psychology helps people off the playing field. The prominent strategies that sport psychologists teach athletes such as relaxation techniques, mental rehearsals and cognitive restructuring, are also productive in the workplace and other settings.

Sports psychology can even help people off the playing field. The same strategies that sport psychologists teach athletes — relaxation techniques, mental rehearsals and cognitive restructuring, for example — are also useful in the workplace and other settings.

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Media Psychology is one of the newest emerging branches of the dynamic psychology field. Media psychology is focused on studying the intersections between human behavior and media technologies in our increasingly digital world. It focuses on the psychology behind media and technology use which impacts the relationships between digital media, psychology and behavior of individuals. Our clients are those who are in influential and prominent in the limelight, and affected by the pressure they face due to being in constant media presence and the way it effects their personal relationship and behaviour. Based on their expectations we render them with adequate advice, counselling and therapy.

Our clients includes specially those who are in limelight, the pressure they face due to being in constant media presence and the way it effects their personal relationship and behaviour. Based on their need we provide them with advice, counseling and therapy.

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These individual sessions are designed for people wanting to enhance their wellbeing or performance. The focus is usually on key life domains (e.g., career, parenting, work, study, health, sport and leisure). Topics covered include identifying your values, strengths, meaning and purpose, motivation, confidence, and performance.

These sessions are not intended for anyone with current mental health issues (see clinical and counseling psychology), so Medicare rebates do not apply. Sessions can be payed for individually or as a package (e.g. for employees).

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Our team can help you develop, implement and assess tailored, sustainable wellbeing frameworks and programs in your organization or community. We have expertise in:

  • Wellbeing assessment.
  • Curriculum and program development.
  • Research and program evaluation.
  • Just talk to us about your ideas or tell us what you need and we can talk to you about the possibilities..

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Without leadership, all business resources are ineffective. Leadership plays a significant factor that brings everything work together effortlessly, in achieving an unified goal. Leadership training programs fails to accomplish what they were designed to achieve, which is to develop better leaders. Our customized one on one training sessions with CEO and entrepreneurs focus on the following topics:

  • To manage high performing teams.
  • To resolve conflicts.
  • To get the best productivity and improved performance from employees.
  • Use emotional intelligence to get their teams to work well together.
  • Hold people and teams accountable.
  • Think strategically.
  • Enhance your leadership and strategic decision-making skills.
  • Gain new insight on some of the major issues affecting CEO decision-making today.
  • Connect with peers in a dynamic setting.
  • Hear from veteran CEOs at critical moments leading their organizations and what they learned.

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Whether you're at work, a job seeker, student, teacher or parent, or just interested in developing your key skills, We can help you to improve your personal and professional life. We work on below areas to understand and enhance various skills to ensure overall development:

  • Work Profeciency.
  • Social Etiquettes.
  • Business Communication.
  • Dinning Etiquettes.
  • Time Scheduling.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Planning and Organising Skills.
  • Study Skills.
  • Interview Tips.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Memory Marothon.
  • Parenting Skills.
  • Power Concentration.

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