Since 1998, ROLDANTZ Training and Psychological Services Pvt.Ltd. has been devoted solely to the Psychological training and consultation services for Performance Enhancement, leadership development and Behavioural Grooming through Psychological interventions in various sectors like corporate, education, family, sports and media.

The whole concept is based on the five processes .The person will Redefine his Goal (Acquiring Knowledge), Reinforce his act (skills development), Restructure his approach (Attitude building), Rebrand his style (Behavioural transformation), Relaunch his functioning (Performance enhancement).

Our vision is "Building a global community with adeqate human capacity with conceptual skills, technical skills and professional ethos."

ROLDANTZ has two divisions , CORPORETTA-(Corporate Resource Team for Training and Action ) ,Psychological training division for providing therapeutically designed trainings for different sectors like education institutions, corporate, Govt. Sectors, sports and media sectors, politicians, family etc which includes different psychologically designed methodologies like psychometric assessments ,therapies etc. ROLDANT REJUVENATION ,A Mind Behaviour Studio, an innovative approach in personal grooming and coaching for the first time in the world. At ROLDANT REJUVENATION, we provide one to one support to the individuals for their personal and professional effectiveness.